Our Program

Bank Muamalat as a bank that maintains the purity of sharia invites you to unite to fight for sharia economic excellence. Bank Muamalat's commitment to employee development as the company's capital and strategy has made Bank Muamalat have professional, strong, and quality talents.


Bank Muamalat Proud of Its Islamic Culture | Modern | Professional, who will lead Bank Muamalat to enforce sharia economy in Indonesia. Islamic culture will maintain the purity, integrity and obedience of the people of Muamalat in carrying out its functions. Modern culture will make Muamalat people more responsive, open and continue to innovate. Meanwhile, a professional culture will ensure that Muamalat people continue to develop competencies, continue to synergize and prioritize customer focus.


Bank Muamalat always strives to fulfill the welfare of its employees, both in the form of financial and non-financial welfare. Non-financial welfare is prioritized by providing mental, physical and religious facilities. Employee welfare is one of the programs that is continuously evaluated for its suitability with the needs and the market.


Bank Muamalat's commitment as the First Purely Sharia Bank is to continue to be a learning center for Islamic banking in Indonesia. This commitment makes Bank Muamalat strive continuously to develop its knowledge and skills.